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WE FIX TAX PROBLEMS-PERIOD. Whether you need Tax Representation before the IRS – Or simply a team of tax pros to make sure your business is set up correctly, SMIB has you covered in all matter. We are pretty amazing at preparing your tax es as well!
Business Valuation EnhancementsBusiness valuations as we all agree have a significant value and role to play in business transactions. Imagine how much more valuable they would be with the tax attributes included as a major value driver.
Cost Segregation Studies. The sum of the parts theory has no betterexample that a Cost Segregation Study with a highly effective asset grouping and allocation model to drive financial and tax harvesting opportunities.
Business Transaction Tax Consulting. Both buyer and sell often focuson price while overlooking VALUE. Let our experts identify and unlock the hidden value in your transaction.
Residential Rental Tax Consulting.
Comprehensive rent survey andrent modeling is reshaping the way we look at and measure financial effectiveness with residential rental property. The allocation of an applied model to your rental property will add significant value.
Commercial Rental/Real Estate Consulting. When properly formattedthe financial and tax harvesting opportunities unlocked in real estate transactions can account for up to 70% of the cost of the property!
Compensation Consulting. Among some of the most effective strategies in building and accumulating wealth lies in the field of compensation planning and benefits that can create a significant added value to the business.
Wealth Building. Some of the greatest ways to build and PROTECT wealth is through implementing some amazing and little-known tax strategies that some of the wealthiest in the world use. Allow us to do that for you.

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Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Different Types of Real Estate Investments

Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Different Types of Real Estate Investments

Mastering Real Estate Investing: From Beginners Basics to Advanced Strategies

Mastering Real Estate Investing: From Beginners Basics to Advanced Strategies


We are true TAX RESOLUTION professionals fighting it out against the IRS on a daily basis for our clients. 

Innovative Tax and Wealth Strategies Financial Services (ITWS Financial Services) has a proven record of success across a wide variety of business enterprises, and transactions. Our philosophy is simple....."When the world is focused on price, we focus on value".

Our mantra and approach has clarity of purpose in how we perform our role. A tireless, unending pursuit of the facts in every transaction until we identify all value. This means we are not satisfied with obtaining average results, and we will not stop our pursuit of the facts until we fully understand and identify every element of value in every transaction and every deal.

When you add us to your team of advisors we will do whatever it takes to reach the objectives you define in your transaction.

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